• T-Bar Row Barbell Attachment

T-Bar Row Barbell Attachment

  • €39.95

The HIT Fitness T-Bar Row Barbell Attachment is to be used when performing a bent over T-bar row.  To use this piece of equipment simply attach it to the end of your secured barbell and hold the areas outlined with extra grip. 


  • Robust, sleek design
  • Unique piece of equipment
  • Helps users ensure safety whilst performing T-bar rows
  • Easily adjusted on and off barbells

Perfect for users who are looking to build strength and perform hypertrophy exercises.  Easily cleaned and maintained this piece is perfect for any gym environment. 

  • Commercial grade

  • Suited to fit 50mm barbells

  • Robust, steel material

  • Matte black

  • Unique design

  • Gripped handles