• Slam Ball | 12KG

Slam Ball | 12KG

HIT Fitness slam balls have been designed to engage an athlete’s entire body of musculature during a short high-intensity training session. With all of this high-intensity use and abuse in mind, HIT Fitness has built the perfect durable, high-quality slam ball on the market.


  • Available in weight increments 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, and 12kg
  • Superior textured rubber grip
  • Made with extremely durable rubber materials and a strong exterior shell
  • Dead bounce technology
  • Ideal for building explosive strength and power whilst improving overall coordination
  • Easy to clean and maintain

HIT Fitness slam balls are manufactured with extremely durable rubber materials so gym owners can use them constantly for long periods of time. HIT Fitness slam balls also come equipped with dead bounce technology which ensures that athletes will not suffer the effects of a slam ball bouncing off of the floor and injuring them. Furthermore, as slam balls are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, they can be used by novice and advanced athletes regardless of their size or skill level. They can also be used for wall ball exercises as well as mant traditional medicine ball workouts. Each HIT Fitness slam ball has a textured rubber surface to provide athletes with a superior feel and grip. HIT Fitness slam balls are available in weight increments 4-12kg.

  • Materials:  PVC & Sand

  • Diameter:  23 cm

  • Outer Material: PVC

  • Interior Filling: Sand

  • Colour: Black