• Pro Free Standing Punch Bag 5.9ft | 82kg

Pro Free Standing Punch Bag 5.9ft | 82kg

  • €295.95

HIT Fitness Pro Free Standing Punch Bag is made of high quality durable materials, making it one of the most long lasting punching bags on the boxing equipment market.  A heavy base capacity ensures the bag will stay in position during practice.  


  • Manufactured with heavy duty materials
  • Robust spring to reduce excessive movement
  • Superior punching bag construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • PE Foam filling
  • Tear resistant technology

This punching bag will never let you down whether you are performing boxing, MMA, kickboxing, or Muay Thai workouts - perfcet for sparring or simply to learn the basics of your desired sport.  With our custom filling and tear resistant technology, this punching bag will challenge your athletes for years to come!  Suitable for athletes of all levels. 

  • PU Leather material

  • Three-layer filling:  Foaming, PE Foam, EVA

  • Thick, durable, PE plastic base

  • Height:  180cm

  • Diameter of bag:  58.5cm

  • Product weight when base is full:  89.5kg

  • Bag weight:  7.5kg

  • Base weight capacity:  82kg

  • Suitable for home or commercial use