• Pro Boxing Man Free Standing Punch Bag 5.3ft | 95kg

Pro Boxing Man Free Standing Punch Bag 5.3ft | 95kg

  • €392.95

The HIT Fitness Pro Boxing Man Free Standing Punch Bag is a realistic training dummy made for athletes of all levels during practice & training camps.  A great feature of this product is the realistic target areas for which to aim for knock-out punches!  


  • Perfect for offensive strikes
  • Realistically shaped punch bag
  • Rubber gripped feet provide additional stability
  • Plant accurate shots using the mannequin’s life-like features
  • Strong, durable rubber material which will hold & keep its shape
  • Reflex system for real action imitation
  • For home or commercial use

Although this product is targeted for boxing athletes, it can also be used to practice other forms of combat sports such as; karate and taekwondo.  This piece of equipment is perfect for practicing defensive blocking, deflecting and redirecting punches. It is ideal for practicing an array of sparring techniques and target training practices.  Perfect for use at home or in a commercial environment.

  • Body-skin is improved rubber, with high strength urethane foam

  • Thick, durable, PE plastic base

  • Full built height:  163cm

  • Body height:  82cm

  • Base height:  62cm

  • Base diameter:  57cm

  • Product weight when base is full:  116.5kg

  • Base weight capacity: 95kg

  • Suitable for home or commercial use