• Olympicic Cast Iron Tri-Grip Disc | 1.25KG

Olympicic Cast Iron Tri-Grip Disc | 1.25KG

  • €5.50

HIT Fitness cast iron triple grip weight plates were designed to replicate ‘old school’ steel plates that were used worldwide before the era of rubber-coated plates and bumper plates.


  • Premium cast iron manufacturing
  • Multiple gripping options
  • Replicates classic powerlifting weight plates
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • A versatile piece of equipment
  • Can be used independently of barbells
  • For use on Olympic bars and others with 50mm diameters
  • Sold Singly

Cast iron weight plates have stood the test of time which is why they are still praised and owned by gym owners worldwide. With this classic design in mind, HIT Fitness has incorporated a few unique features of its own. With the intention of making these plates more versatile and easy to carry, we have added multiple gripping options to each plate. Athletes can now use these traditional plates independent of a barbell to perform exercises such as weighted sit-ups, Russian twists, and lunges. These additional gripping options also make it much easier to load and unload barbells as well as transporting the plates through a busy gym. HIT Fitness cast iron weight plates are also manufactured with premium materials in order to increase their durability and feel. Our range of HIT Fitness cast iron triple grip weight plates are available in weight increments 1.25 - 25kg.