• Hit Fitness Octagon Bar
  • Hit Fitness Octagon Bar
  • Hit Fitness Octagon Bar
  • Hit Fitness Octagon Bar
  • Hit Fitness Octagon Bar

Hit Fitness Octagon Bar

The HIT FITNESS Octagon Bar is essentially a hex barbell or trap bar with unique triple grip handles. Hex barbells are primarily used by athletes who require additional lumbar support as traditional barbells place a significant amount of the load on the lower back. The HIT FITNESS Octagon bar also features elevated plate sleeves which ensures that plates can be loaded on and off the barbell without needing to manually elevate the barbell . The rotating grip system provides 3 different handle sizes, Small (1"), Medium (1.5"), Large (2"), to suit the individual user or to improve forearm and grip strength. The bar is suitable for use with or without plates.


  • Heavy Duty Hex/Trap Bar.
  • High quality and extremely durable.
  • Ideal for performing a variety of resistance training exercises such as deadlifts, shrugs and romanian deadlifts.
  • Reduces the amount of load that is applied to the lower back, thus reduces risk of injury.
  • Offers additional lumbar support in comparison to traditional barbells.
  • Allows athletes to lift weight in a more comfortable position.
  • Extended aluminium Olympic plate sleeves.
  • Three different grips of varying thickness are provided to suit the athlete.
  • Fitted with rubber base protectors to protect flooring.


  • HIT FITNESS Octagon Bar
  • Matte black powder coated steel.
  • Rotating grip system provides 3 different handle sizes: Small (1"), Medium (1.5"), Large (2").
  • Size: 168cm x 80cm x 29cm (L x W x H)
  • Product Weight: 25kg
  • Max Capacity: 450kg

Fitness Tip:

  • The HIT FITNESS multi-grip Octagon bar is the perfect piece of equipment for performing deadlifts and shrugs by allowing athletes to move through their full range of motion more comfortably.
  •  The multi-grip options allow athletes to increase or decrease the amount of forearm activation and muscle fibre recruitment that occurs during the exercise by increasing or decreasing the diameter of the bar.
  • Research has shown that performing trap shrugs in a slightly wider than shoulder width grip increases trap activation and overall trap hypertrophy and strength.

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