• Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20KG

Hammertone Dumbbell Kit | 20KG

The HIT Fitness hammertone dumbbell kit is an excellent product for many reasons. For gym owners and individuals who require a varied weight of dumbbell but lack the required gym floor space, this product is a perfect solution.  As these dumbbells have been meticulously designed for athletes, their loading mechanism also makes it very quick & easy to change the weight of the dumbbells in between exercise sets, whilst the lock collars provided for each end help to ensure safety to the user.  


  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Requires very little gym floor space
  • Cost-effective dumbbell alternative
  • Fast loading mechanism
  • Complete dumbbell set
  • Long loadable plate sleeve
  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality dumbbell weight plates with a glossy hammertone finish

Thanks to the HIT Fitness hammertone dumbbell kit, athletes have access to a significant amount of dumbbell weight variations at a fraction of the cost and space required by traditional dumbbell sets. The HIT Fitness hammertone dumbbell kits are unique because they allow athletes to select very specific weight increments which are essential when applying an effective progressive overload to their selected muscle groups for strength and hypertrophy purposes. 

  • Pack breakdown:  0.5kg x 4, 1.5kg x 4, 2.5kg x 4, Spinlock collars x 4, Dumbbell bars x 2

  • Gripped dumbbell bars

  • Iron weight plates

  • Hammertone finish

  • Dumbbell bar length:  35cm