• Double Grip Med Ball 6KG

Double Grip Med Ball 6KG

HIT Fitness double grip medicine balls have been engineered and designed for fast-paced, high speed, high-intensity interval training workouts and circuit training routines.


  • Perfect for improving endurance, explosive power, and strength
  • Available in weight increments 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg
  • Superior textured grip
  • Double grip options
  • Made with extremely durable materials and a strong exterior shell
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Manufactured with a tough durable outer shell, these medicine balls won’t let you down. All HIT Fitness medicine balls have an interior filling which ensures that the balls keep their premium look, feel, and shape following daily abuse. Although these med balls are extremely durable and made with tough materials, they can also be safely handled by athletes who are repeatedly throwing and catching them at high speeds. Furthermore, as medicine balls are versatile pieces of equipment they can be used by novice and advanced athletes regardless of their size or skill level. They can also be used for wall ball exercises as well as many traditional medicine ball workouts. HIT Fitness med balls are available in weight increments 6-12kg.

  • Material:  Rubber

  • Gripped:  Yes

  • Diameter:  27.5 cm

  • Interior Filling:  Rubber

  • Colour:  Black