• 36" Revolving Lat Bar

36" Revolving Lat Bar

ll HIT Fitness lat pull down bars are precision engineered for athletes’ needs. Our range of lat pull down bar sizes ensures that athletes can feel a strong and controlled muscular contraction when they are performing a variety of exercise movements.


  • Unique HIT Fitness design and shape
  • Compatible with all modern cable resistance machines
  • Made with high quality durable materials
  • Provides athletes with multiple gripping possibilities
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs

HIT Fitness lat pull down bars are compatible with all modern cable resistance machines, making them ideal for any gym or fitness equipment owner. Furthermore, the majority of cable machine accessories that come with the machines originally are poorly made and do not stand the test of time. HIT Fitness lat bars completely mitigate this problem as they are manufactured with premium durable materials. Each bar that is manufactured by HIT Fitness is shaped, assembled, and designed to our meticulous specifications which guarantees a premium training experience for your athletes.

  • Material:  Chrome Steel

  • Bar Diameter:  25mm

  • Length:  36”

  • Gripped:  Yes

  • Weight:  4kg